Adams' second installment in her figure-skating series finds Bex Levy still working for a sports network. She wants to do a feature story on teen skating prodigy Jeremy Hunt, hoping that his father will then allow him to enter a major competition. But Bex's taping session is cut short when Jeremy's father arrives at the rink and seizes her tape.

Bex turns her attention to a "where are they now?" story and finds Robby Sharpton, a promising pairs skater who dropped out of sight over 10 years ago. Robby is no longer in touch with partner Rachel Rose, who abruptly disappeared from the skating world over a decade ago and whom Bex is trying to track down.

Soon a murder is committed, and Bex fears that by dredging up the past, she is responsible. Bex's persistence in solving the murder creates a page-turning read that accurately reveals the dark side of a beautiful sport. Though Jeremy's rapid progress in the sport is somewhat unrealistic, Adams is right on the mark with her portrayal of the time and money spent on training. This satisfyingly suspenseful novel is a treat for mystery readers, especially those enthralled with figure skating. (Oct., 256 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick