Image of That Thing Called Love (Razor Bay)


Image of That Thing Called Love (Razor Bay)

Andersen again turns in a solid romance featuring regular people, her signature characterizations shining. Her ability to take those horrible moments of youth and project the grownups of 15 years later is really remarkable. And she does it with humor, grace and affection. For a fun read, with a story everyone can identify with, check this one out.

Jenny has been big sister and caregiver to Austin since he was a toddler, and she was a traumatized teen. Now that his grandparents (and guardians) have died, she is temporary guardian to the teen and manager of a resort in the small town of Razor Bay, Wash. She is perfectly happy to make this permanent, but the lawyers insist on locating Austin’s always-absent dad, Jake Bradshaw. Never in her wildest nightmares would Jake turn out to be gorgeous and determined to be a dad, despite Austin’s resistance. Jake was a high schooler when he became a father. When his wife died in childbirth, the grandparents suggested he take advantage of a scholarship he earned and leave his son with them. When the internship with National Explorer launched his photography career, all in remote places, it became easy to picture Austin better off where he was. But Jake has been jolted to his senses and is determined to make up for his mistake and take Austin home with him to New York. The only flaw in his plan is the sexy little spitfire Jenny, who keeps tempting him to stay. (HQN, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan