Nick and Raina may have hooked up under less than ideal circumstances, but the attraction between them is very real, and Malone does an exceptional job of working through the issues realistically and showcasing how two very different people can fall in love. This is book two in the Alexanders series, and although readers can easily acquaint themselves with the cast of characters, it’s definitely worth starting at the beginning for the full effect.

Raina is a supermodel about to marry a man she doesn’t love because she desperately wants to have a baby, and a medical condition has her biological clock ticking away on overdrive. Nick has been in love with Raina since they shared a one-night stand that left them both reeling from the unexpected emotional fallout. His offer to give her a baby in exchange for marriage is too good to pass up, but can Raina guard her heart from the one man capable of breaking it? Can Nick convince her that his feelings are real and that he has no intention of letting her go? (CRUSHSTAR ROMANCE, Mar., 300 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty