Ms. Dalton masterfully adds touches of Jackies personal life while keeping the mystery going. The only hint of weakness might be in the speed the story is wrapped up.

Spokane, Washington detective Jackie Kaminsky is back this month with an intriguing case and more troubles in the romance department.

At work, she is assigned to the case of a missing man who's wife reports that he left home to buy formula, and never returned. She is certain of nothing, except that her husband would never leave her.

That same night, the missing man's boss is also struck by tragedy when his young daughter is killed by a hit and run driver. Now, Jackie must work to find what connection, if any, exists between the two cases.

In the midst of all this, Jackie's relationship with Paul Arnussen is at a crossroad. Paul wants to get married and live together full-time, instead of the long-distance romance they've maintained but Jackie remains unsure of her ability to stay independent if she and Paul take it to the next level!

(Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson