In the final volume of the Mounties Trilogy, Steven Gravel meets his match in ranchers daughter Willow Dawson.

Dedicated to his duties as a Mountie, Steven has no thought of remarrying. But on a patrol for food in the territory surrounding the newly opened Fort McLeod, he discovers a large ranch and the owner, Cletis Dawson, more than willing to do business with the Mounties.

In the years since his wifes death, Cletis has gradually turned over much of the ranchs management to his eldest daughter, Willow. Dedicated to the idea of starting her own ranch, Willow plans never to marry or take the chance of dying in childbirth like her mother.

Willows sister, Emily, longs for a husband and a family, but it isnt sweet, domestic Emily who attracts Steven, but feisty Willow in her mens clothes and Stetson who heats his blood. Steven begins to woo Willow and she soon finds it impossible to resist this stubborn, honest, loyal Mountie.

Readers will truly enjoy the repartie between Steven and Willow, and cheer as Emily finally finds a man of her own. Set against the majestic Canadian Rockies and filled with three-dimensional characters, THE THIRD DAUGHTER is as heartwarming and touching as any of Ms. Foxs other novels, filled with the aura of a gritty American romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin