Image of Third Degree (Murder 101 Mysteries, No. 5)


Image of Third Degree (Murder 101 Mysteries, No. 5)

Readers will be charmed by Barbieri’s latest Murder 101 Mystery, featuring the crime-fighting duo of college professor Allison Bergeron and her detective boyfriend Bobby Crawford. Allison can’t seem to stay out of trouble but readers are going love the klutzy amateur sleuth’s attempts to try, even though they know it’s in vain. Readers will sympathize with her reticence in making another commitment and with Bobby’s frustration over her refusal to do so and that’s just their relationship — never mind her attempts at solving a murder.

As her NYPD detective boyfriend’s marriage proposal hangs overhead, Allison cancels a meet-and-greet with her potential in-laws. Then a quick run for a pick-me-up coffee has her witnessing a murder. The victim is a loathed blogger who did not seem to have a positive thing to say about anything. But when the accused man’s wife begins to follow her, Allison looks into the case and finds that not everything is at seems. In the end, she will have to rely on her friends and herself in order to put the pieces of this very strange puzzle together. (MINOTAUR, Dec., 320 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper