Image of The Third Hill North of Town


Image of The Third Hill North of Town

It’s hard to determine which genre Bly’s debut book falls in, yet it is clearly an exploration into mankind and human nature. Set against the backdrop of the socially tense 1960s, the characters in The Third Hill North of Town are rich, distinct and diverse. For fans of great literature, the camaraderie between the two young men feels very Tom Sawyer and Jim-like in context. The fresh and unique storyline takes many coincidental twists and turns throughout; however, it’s the explosive ending that may blindside and grip readers the most.

Julianna Dapper has just escaped from a mental hospital with one destination in mind: the farming community where she was born and raised, and where long-buried secrets lie. Along the way, she meets two young men who quickly befriend each other and take to the mentally ill Julianna. With law enforcement and others on their tail, will Julianna make it back home, and what truths will be revealed when she finally arrives? (KENSINGTON, Mar., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch