Set in modern London, The Thirteen Hallows is full of grisly (yet creative) murders, dark sex and thrilling chase scenes. The co-authors propel the plot forward by unfolding one secret after another, to slowly reveal incredibly well-developed villains and the fascinating myth behind the ancient Hallows and their Keepers. Based on the real Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain, this book is sure to please history buffs and rouse suspense fans, but may leave fantasy lovers feeling a little cheated — the mystical elements are prominent, but not essential to the story.

Londoner Sarah Miller’s life was pretty average, until she feels mysteriously compelled to intervene when she sees an old woman getting mugged. Elderly Judith Walker is no ordinary senior; she’s one of the thirteen Keepers of the Hallows — one of the few who hasn’t been killed by the Dark Man and had her treasured Hallow stolen. The Thirteen Hallows hold tremendous powers, if they are brought together they can bridge two worlds that should never meet. But this is exactly what the Dark Man wants, and he's willing to do whatever is necessary to kill each of the Hallow Keepers to collect their artifact.

When Judith beseeches Sarah to transport the Hallow that the old woman guards to Judith's only living relative, her nephew Owen, for safekeeping, Sarah is thrust into a dangerous adventure. She and Owen must journey across Britain, running from the police and the Dark Man’s thugs, in a desperate attempt to keep the Hallows from joining. Can they ensure that the fate of the world will be safe, or will they be framed for murder, or worse — captured by the malevolent Dark Man? (TOR, Dec., 352pp., HC, $24.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston