Image of The Thirteenth (Vampire Huntress Legends)


Image of The Thirteenth (Vampire Huntress Legends)

Wow! As usual, Banks blows your mind. This book is exciting from the first page, as all hell has broken loose in the conclusion to the Vampire Huntress series. World religions, vampire lore and myths come into play, and overlying it all is a wonderful spirituality, as people of different cultures join forces to fight a pervasive evil. This powerful story makes you watch current events and wonder.

The dark side has convinced the world that the Neteru Guardians are terrorists and has dried up their financial resources. The Antichrist is poised to emerge, and the pale horse of the Apocalypse has been released as the world is plunged into Armageddon. It's up to the Neteru Guardian team to save the world from the end of days while staying off Satan's radar. To further complicate matters, Damali and the female guardians are all pregnant.

(ST. MARTIN'S GRIFFIN, Feb., 304 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg