Celia Muir escapes a burning castle and the British troops, intent upon saving the infant prince. Masquerading as the seductive Lady Caithless, Celia, the infant, a nursemaid, a guard and a priest arrive at the Campbell stronghold seeking refuge.

Proud, fierce Scots warrior Colin Campbell is intrigued by Celia. He is convinced that Lady Caithless is a woman in trouble, yet her gentleness and sweet nature are at odds with the rumors of her behavior at court.

As battle rages between the Scots and the English, setting the Highlands to the torch, Colin and Celia ignite a passion of their own as Colin escorts Celia to her destination. However, once they uncover treachery and unmask a traitor, Celia and Colin flee to the Campbell stronghold where they will fight the greatest battle to save the future king and their love.

This fast-paced, emotionally charged debut novel is a shining example of a delicious Scottish romance rich in historical detail, sizzling with sensuality and touched with humor. Readers will do well to remember May McGoldrick's name and to put THE THISTLE AND THE ROSE on their reading list. SENSUAL (Sept., 366 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin