If you're one of the millions who loved Garden of Lies, Eileen Goudge's first mega-seller, you're sure to enjoy its sequel, in which a beautiful, tormented mother purposely switches a pair of baby girls at their birth, then hides the truth from her husband and the world for years. Now in her '70s, the mother is wracked with guilt over her "mistake." Or was it, in fact, destiny?

Opening in the present-in which the elderly mother is still unable to admit to her deception before her imminent death-the story finds her "daughters" (physician Rachel and lawyer Rose) trying to cope with their own children's trials and marriages. Moreover, the newly widowed Rose, the biological daughter who keeps the secret of her birth to protect Rachel, sees a new man walk into her life. (Eric, a passionate and sensitive radio star, mirrors Ms. Goudge's real-life husband, a well-known New York radio personality.)

A triple-hanky novel, THORNSOFTRUTH is Ms. Goudge's most engrossing and heartfelt novel yet-one that mainstream readers of romance will revel in from beginning to end. (Apr., 396 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Sullivan