Waking up after a 1000-year coma was frightening and infuriating for Emma Lost, the original Sleeping Beauty. Now 10 years later, Aethelstanthe Mage who kissed Emma into her comaand Nora (his true love) have given Emma a crash course on surviving in the new millennium. Emma has since started a new life as a Middle Ages Professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Returning after a sabbatical, new department head Michael Found is not pleased to discover Emma Lost on his staff. He disagrees with her conclusions regarding life in the Middle Ages and hates her bestselling book. During a confrontational meeting with Michael in his office, Emmas dormant magical powers suddenly erupt. Loose magic and an untrained Mage are a recipe for disaster, therefore Emma must get back to Aethelstan so he can teach her control. In order to arrive safely though, Emma will need help. The only candidate is her highly irritating boss, Michael.

Returning with a sequel to last years terrific debut novel Utterly Charming, Ms. Grayson answers Whatever Happened To Sleeping Beauty? Keep your eyes on this hot new talent! (Mar., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith