It's a union meant to unite both countries and help them prosper: Princess Emmaline of Verdunia is to be married in a few weeks to Prince Remi of Buiron. Meanwhile, American playboy Granger Lockwood is visiting Verdunia to try to create a tourism industry. The few hours of passion that Emmaline steals with Granger has life-changing results.

Six weeks later, Emmaline realizes she must escape her upcoming betrothal and calls on Granger to rescue her. After he does, however, she discovers that he has quit his prestigious job and is now very short on money. How will the pampered princess and the penniless playboy survive as commoners?

Laced with a large amount of humor, A THOROUGHLY MODERN PRINCESS is a pleasantly charming story of two people sheltered by their wealthy upbringings who discover how the other half lives. Their learning process is painful, but they eventually find out a lot about themselves and each other. The secondary characters also have engaging stories that are woven nicely into the main narrative. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley