Image of Thou Shalt Kill


Image of Thou Shalt Kill

Blake’s suspense series starts with this pulse-pounding story offering plenty of guilt to go around. Although the murders are grisly, it’s the mind games in this psychological thriller that will really make you cringe. Besides the serial killer focus, Blake adds plotlines addressing the alienation and limitations of growing up in an immigrant community. The story is told through third-person POV, first-person POV of the killer and various reports or official forms.

Pittsburgh detective Franco Patrese finds himself investigating a string of murders while still reeling from the death of his parents. After three victims — a prominent surgeon, a high-profile Catholic bishop and a well-known judge — are burned alive, the perpetrator is officially designated a serial killer and the pressure is on to find a link between the victims. Suspicion soon falls on a young Muslim man the detectives fear may be involved in terrorist activities. Both Patrese and his detective partner find their personal lives complicating the investigation as matters spiral out of control. (GALLERY, May, 448 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan