Image of A Thousand Lies


Image of A Thousand Lies

A Thousand Lies is a classic good vs. evil tome with father-son angst thrown in for good measure. There are no surprises here since the foreshadowing is almost too telling. Characters Brendan, Sam and Chance are well-drawn, but others — Julie’s parents, the stalker and, at times, Anson Poe — are less characters than caricatures. Fans of Sala will be pleased, but new readers might not become fans.

Brendan Poe has spent his entire life trying to escape his abusive father and the hellish home life that his family has been forced to endure. Now he’s on his own with a beautiful girlfriend and a good job. But he discovers that he cannot evade his father’s evil, and his revenge is endangering Brendan’s family and his future. (SHARONSALA.NET, Jun., 430 pp., $19.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs