Desperate to find the patterns for the outlawed Scottish tartans, red-headed Lady Suisan Harper leaves the Highlands for London. Disguised as raven-haired Maura Forbes, a sassy maid in Myles Cunningham's townhouse, Suisan begins her search.

As a child Suisan had dogged Myles' steps, worshiping her adopted brother. But when her parents died he thrust her away. Suisan believes that he turned his back on her and betrayed Scotland.

Suisan expects Myles to be a cold, calculating man but he is warm and compassionate and his sensual gaze sets her heart afire. Stunned by his burning attraction to Maura, Myles begins wooing her into his bed. Though his kisses melt Suisan's resolve, she remembers that he is the traitor who ruined her family and stole the patterns.

While Suisan and Myles fall in love, her scheme begins to unravel. They discover that a sinister force has been carefully plotting their ruin. As their lives lie in the balance, Suisan learns the high cost of honor and freedom. She sees her destiny lies not in a plaid, but interwoven with Myles' love.

Thsi is an impressive tale. Like a skilled Highland weaver, Ms. Lamb takes the strands of history, passion, pride and prejudice and weaves a pattern of enduring love. You'll laugh and cry as you are drawn into this rich romance filled with marvelous characters. SENSUAL (Reissue, May, 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin