Part two of the Quilting Story series shows that everyone has a chance for a fresh start in both love and life. The characters are tough, determined, yet sweet and would do anything to have a future regardless of the risks they are taking. Barrows writes with passion, and her characters are well defined without being over the top.

Liz along with Abby, Emma and Megan are starting a new phase in their lives, but without the aid of their grandfather, who was murdered along the trail of the wagon train heading west. Liz has found a second chance at love with a man who knows what she’s been through. Abby works tirelessly at achieving her dream of opening a school. Emma has stumbled upon a new venture that will bring money into the household: providing food and shelter for the cowboys on their cattle drives. But she can’t do it by herself, so she enlists the help of Megan, who has not done much physical work in her life. They are all determined to make it work in Fort Worth, Texas. (RIVER NORTH, Feb., 208 pp., $14.99, 9780802409386)

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Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans