Seminary student Kevin Parson strives to under-stand evil in the human heart and how to remove himself from its reach. He has escaped the deranged aunt who raised him; now he has only himself to flee. Or so he thinks. His cell phone rings, and an evil man named Slater demands that Kevin answer a riddle within three minutes—or his car will blow up with him in it. This mysterious assailant pulls Kevin from one deadly game to the next—all involving multiples of the number THREE (4.5). The investigation is spearheaded by Kevin's childhood friend, Samantha, now working for the California Bureau of Investigation, and FBI agent Jennifer Peters. The threesome race against escalating demands and deadlines. Will Slater remain a half-step ahead of them until evil destroys Kevin? Veteran author Ted Dekker delivers a brilliantly plotted tale to a shocking, but utterly appropriate, ending. This book works on all levels— as a suspense, an allegory and a romance. (Jun., 352 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson