A wonderful apartment (with decent rent) is hard to come by in Manhattan, which is why Edie Amos is so upset when her boyfriend decides to leave for Uzbekistan. An actress, Edie can't afford the apartment alone and hates the idea of getting a roommate. But faced with the idea of moving, Edie finally comes to terms with getting a roommate—and ends up getting two.

Greta and Danielle turn out to be completely different from her, and each brings her own suitcases filled with problems. Danielle, a transplant from Texas, manages to get involved in a relationship with her boss, while Greta deals with her various addictions. Three extremely different women, one apartment—can it work?

Three Bedrooms in Chelsea is an entertaining book, although it takes awhile to warm up to Greta. Her storyline is not interesting until about halfway into the book. After that, Danielle's story fell off a bit, but not much. Edie is a wonderfully rich character with just the right amount of quirks to bring her alive. A fun read. (Jun., 384 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer