A 15-year college reunion allows three former graduates the opportunity to reflect on the events that changed their lives. While each of the three knew each other during their school days, none were close friends. All three were engaged and planned to marry following graduation.

Popular Gretchen Wise believed herself happily in love with fianc Roger Lockheart until another woman brutally confronts her with Roger's infidelity. Devastated and angry, Gretchen threw caution to the wind and accepted bad-boy Josh Morrow's offer to drive her home to San Francisco on his Harley. With little cash between them, the ride became more of an adventure than either had ever dreamed.

With the news that her fianc Eddie Shapiro has just been picked up by the pros, head cheerleader Carol Furness' life seems golden. That is until Eddie informs her that his agent doesn't think that it would be good for his career to rush into marriage. Hurt and angry, Carol begins building a new life for herself, firmly convinced that Eddie will eventually come crawling back. However it is Clark Rusbach, the "nerd" and computer genius, who proves himself her true friend by assisting Carol in finding a job. While she always liked Clark, Carol had never realized the depths he kept hidden.

Maddie Cobain cheerfully played on her image as bad girl, but was very serious about her secret engagement to math professor John Theda. His dumping of her following graduation leaves her feeling betrayed, especially when she discovers that he has claimed her work as his own. Determined to expose him, Maddie winds up involving aspiring cop Brent Holliday in her scheme.

As always, Debbie Macomber's legion of fans can look forward to a delightful reading experience. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith