Image of Three Cowboys: Virgil\Morgan\Wyatt


Image of Three Cowboys: Virgil\Morgan\Wyatt
THREE COWBOYS (4.5) by Julie Miller, Dana Marton & Paula Graves: A missing teenager, a ruthless drug lord, an estranged family of heroic brothers and three exceptional women take these interconnected, tightly written stories and turn them into a tour de force. First, in Miller’s tale, middle brother Virgil “Bull” McCabe comes back to the family ranch to save the kidnapped sister he didn’t know he had. Then, Marton’s military man Morgan shows up, just as angry and just as determined to find his sister and leave again — until he runs into his first love living on the ranch. Youngest brother Deputy Sheriff Wyatt never left the ranch, and is the only one on hand when the girl goes missing. He has his hands full with a sexy ICE agent looking to make her own score.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper