Why has God permitted the torture and murder of his son? Mary, the mother of Jesus, agonizes during the three days following the Crucifixion. In her loving, grief-stricken memory, Mary relives her life from the conception of Jesus to the day of his death.

She must choose between trusting in Jehovah's divine purpose or turning her back on God. In order to partake of the joy of Jesus' resurrection, she must pass this test—as must we all.

Poignantly told, Mary's struggle resonates with the human heart as we walk through a world twisted by sin and the rebellious will of man. Carlson's gifted pen brings Mary and other biblical characters to three-dimensional life.

While a few anachronistic terms and minor scriptural inaccuracies cause momentary hiccups, this book will make a lovely Easter gift. (Feb., 176 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson