Meding delivers a thrilling urban fantasy full of desperate humans and menacing evil. Especially impressive are her worldbuilding skills, which she uses to deftly paint a portrait of a city on the edge of disaster. Readers will also be impressed by her strong depiction of Evy as a survivor who realistically handles not only the shock of being reawakened, but the trauma of a past rape and the barrage of new threats from all sides.

When Evy wakes up in someone else's body, she is more than a little disturbed. The last thing she remembers is being on the run after she was accused of killing her team of dredge -- things that go bump in the night -- hunters. And that's before her team's dispatcher, Wyatt, tells her the terrifying news. There are whispered rumors of a dredge alliance, one so awful that were it to take place, humans would no longer be unaware of the dredge; instead they'd be slaves to the creatures of the night.

The only person with any concrete information about it is Evy, but that's only if she can get her memory back before the alliance occurs and her three days of reincarnated life are over! (DELL, Feb., 405 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan