Alicia Brooms guardian betroths her to Thomas Cavendish when she is just a child of seven to secure her future and keep her royal lineage a secret.

Known as a lackwit to everyone but those closest to him, Thomas, the new and reluctant Earl of Thornsbury, is stunned and dumfounded when his angelic betrothed turns up on his doorstep.

Thomas is far from being lackwitted, just extremely shy around women. A scholar and a poet, as well as a hunter and warrior—and handsome besides—he is the epitome of every ladys dream knight.

Smitten by Alicias beauty and sweetness 10 years before, he is now head over heels in love. Alas he is too shy to tell her his feelings.

Alicia is enamored of Thomas and longs to win his heart. She sets his hall to rights, easily winning the affection of his staff, his mischievous sister Margaret and the hearts of his beloved three dogs.

When Thomas waspish sister-in-law Isabel plots to have Wolf Hall and the Cavandish riches, Alicia fears all may be lost. Isabel will stop at nothing. When she discovers Alicias secret, will Thomas be able to save his love from the fangs of death?

THREE DOG KNIGHT is a sparkling prequel to Ms. Phillips previous novels and a gem of a tale. Readers will be held in thrall with heart-felt laughs, sighs of longing and a cast of lovable characters. SENSUAL (Nov., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor