When Cloe Matthews fled Lolo, Wyoming, she tried to escape from the pain of her past. A nasty divorce damaged both her self esteem and bank account leaving Cloe no choice but to return. With what she has left, Cloe helps her mother buy a restaurant, determined not to let her be displaced once again. The Matthews familys life fell apart following the conviction of Sam Matthews for murder. Stella lost the family ranch and Sam died in prison a few years later. Most people in Lolo knew that Sam had been framed, but no one dared speak out because of the power of "The Club."

The powerful ranchers, bankers and judges who make up The Club dont hesitate to destroy those who get in their way. Cloes return is not going to sit well with the old boys.

With the help of her childhood friends, Josey and Angelica, Cloe plans to subvert The Club. The women are determined to take their town back and they will need all the help they can get, especially from Michael Bearclaw, Cloes lost love who is now a forensic expert. An undeclared war has erupted. Cloe, Josey and Angelica can only hope they are on the winning side.

Series author Cait London makes a smooth transition to the longer mainstream contemporary format with a book chock full of lost love, secrets, jealousy, revenge and passion. Just what you need to spice up a cold and frosty night. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith