Image of Three Nights of Sin


Image of Three Nights of Sin

Mallory lights up the pages with a tale that triples readers' pleasure thanks to her hallmark sense of emotion and passion, adventure and delicious dialogue. All this creates a highly memorable story.

With her brother arrested for murder, penniless Marietta Winters has no one to turn to, until she's given Gabriel Noble's card.

A mystery man with a dark past, Gabriel takes on cases such as Marietta's for a price--three favors. Since Marietta has no reputation to lose and a brother to save, she'll give Gabriel what he wants. But at first all he desires is her help in finding the evidence that will save her brother. As Marietta gets deeply involved in Gabriel's work she falls in love, and he discovers that having her as his partner and in his bed is more valuable than money. But once her brother is freed, can he let her go? (Avon, May, 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin