Image of Three Parts Dead (Craft Sequence)


Image of Three Parts Dead (Craft Sequence)

Sci-fi, fantasy and a murder mystery all rolled in one, this book is a bit highbrow and hard to get into at first. Then the plot picks up, becoming really exciting and fast paced with unexpected twists and turns. It culminates in a big surprise ending. Have your dictionary handy.

The fire god Kos, who powers the city of Alt Coulumb, has died. To prevent the city from falling into chaos, Tara, a craftswoman and recent graduate of the Hidden Schools, is hired to assist the necromancer Kevarian in investigating his death — and to bring him back to life. Partnered with a novice technician priest, and guarded by a member of the Blacksuits, Tara encounters vampires and gargoyles in her quest to save the city. (TOR, Oct., 368 pp., 24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg