Image of Three Seconds


Image of Three Seconds

Roslund and Hellstrom are among the most acclaimed post-Larsson Swedish crime writers. In an unusual twist, Roslund is an award-winning journalist and Hellstrom works to rehabilitate criminals. The combination results in details that feel completely realistic and exact. This is a complex, beautifully written book, with intelligent social criticism and an inside knowledge of the brutality of the modern criminal world.

Piet Hoffman was a criminal when high-level Swedish police recruited him as a secret operative. As the years passed he married a woman he adores and had two small sons. He realizes he wants out of the brutality and the danger. Now he has a chance to be free. He has infiltrated the Polish mafia and become high enough in the operation that they offer him a key job taking over the amphetamine distribution inside the prison system. But to do so, Piet will have to go back into prison, risk his life and — because of the secret nature of his identity — perhaps his freedom forever. Meanwhile, brilliant but tortured Detective Inspector Ewert Gwens is looking for the murderer involved in the drug deal. And Gwens never gives up. (SILVER OAK, Jan., 486 pp., $24.95)
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Page Traynor