Image of Three Sinful Wishes


Image of Three Sinful Wishes

Passion and fate are in evidence when three best friends make a wish for love and passion in an age-old ritual. Sparks fly between each couple (threesome!) and make for an entertaining ride from passion to love and trust. The tales are hot enough to scorch the pages and test the strength of the women as each faces her destiny. Entertaining and wonderful.

Roommates Dani and Liam must face the “Sinful Desires,” and love hiding under the façade of friendship. But first Dani has to face her past and Liam must reveal all his secrets. “Sinful Sensations” has inn manager Bailey falling into the arms of the inn’s owner, Cameron. When he opens the innermost workings of her heart, she has to learn to trust it and not her head. Cameron realizes he’s met his match in Bailey, but will he be able to leave her behind when the time comes? In “Sinful Pleasures,” psychic Kaya‘s attraction to Jace and his mysterious roommate Nick is sinful and definitely not something her family would approve of. But that may be the point: for her to have something for herself. When Jace and Kaya come together, the flames will consume them both and when they add Nick, it’s even hotter! (HEAT, Jun., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper