Image of Three Sisters (Blackberry Island)


Image of Three Sisters (Blackberry Island)

Mallery’s latest offering is poignant, full of the warmth and strength of female relationships. Love is the core of this story: love of family; love of partner; and most importantly, love of self.

Andi Gordon starts over after being left at the altar and buys one of the historical “Three Sisters” houses on Blackberry Island. Artist Boston King, one of Andi’s neighbors, struggles to reconnect with her husband after the death of her baby boy. Another neighbor, Deanna Phillips, wants to be the best mother and keep control of her life with a husband who travels and five daughters. Each woman faces a personal struggle that is strengthened by the bonds they forge with each other. (MIRA, Mar., 352 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper