Jordan Banks is a best-selling author and father of five. He spends his days in worn faded sweat pants and big glasses that cover his facemuch to the chagrin of his children, who desperately want a mother.

Mia Gordon is a successful financial analyst, at work 12 hours a day doing a job she loves. Thinking she has no time for love or a family, she is resigned to being alone, despite her meddling mothers matchmaking efforts.

Mia purchases the house next door to Jordan, forming an immediate bond with the children and his housekeeper. Because of Jordans rumpled appearance, she dismisses him as being a clumsy nerd.

Fortunately, the children take over. They break his glasses; throw away his wardrobe; and constantly devise situations that bring Mia and Jordan together.

But just when they stop fighting their feelings for one another, one more obstacle presents itself that the children did not anticipate. Now it is up to Mia and Jordan to come together on their own accord.

THREE TIMES A LADY was a refreshing read with wonderful characters and a true family! A wonderful Top Pick for the month of June! (Jun., 320 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims