Image of Three Wicked Wishes (Love in a Bottle)


Image of Three Wicked Wishes (Love in a Bottle)

This Love in a Bottle entry has office intrigue that engages the heroine in a battle of wills and tests her mettle. Cassie’s angst is palpable as she faces a major decision, and an unexpected twist enlivens the ending of this sexy, quick read.

Cassandra Parker is in love with David Michalek, an outside consultant for the company where she works, and she tries hard to keep their relationship professional. One day she finds a package on her desk. The anonymous gift is of a perfume bottle that unleashes a genie named Jane who offers three wishes. On subsequent nights she has sensual dreams featuring a knight, twin nightclub owners and futuristic triplets. A replica of David is in all the dreams. But suddenly a call from Human Resources threatens all she’s worked so hard to maintain. (SAMHAIN, Dec., 200 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown