Maya Hughes has always wanted children. So when she discovers her new neighbor's child huddled outside her house in the cold rain, she feels compelled to take action—even if that means giving the good doctor a piece of her mind.

Single dad James Whitfield gets the shock of his life when he's told his baby-sitter was in a car accident and as a result his daughter is spending the evening with a complete stranger. However, Maya turns out to be the answer to his prayers—if only temporarily—when she offers to entertain his daughter while he works. Yet after endless days in her company, James struggles to fight the desire for something more permanent with Maya. Having been hurt before, Maya guards her heart under lock and key—but no lock seems strong enough to resist the hold that James is gradually placing on her heart.

Seressia Glass masters the interaction between the heroine and her family as well as that of the hero and his daughter. But the ill-timing of events may cause doubt and raise questions for the reader. Despite this, THREE WISHES, for the most part, offers a rhythmic flow. (May, 285 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton