Image of Thrill of the Knight


Image of Thrill of the Knight

Latham (aka Gayle Callen) deftly depicts the era with colorful details
of castle life and historical events, thrusting readers straight into her
exciting story and her appealing
characters' lives. All of this enhances
a lively plot that will have medieval maniacs begging for more.

When wealthy heiress Lady Elizabeth Hutton refuses the advances of her greedy neighbor, he seizes her castle and takes her prisoner. Even though Elizabeth hasn't seen her betrothed, Sir John Russell, since childhood, she prays he will come to her rescue. Switching places with her maid, Anne, and sending a message to John seems the most likely means to the end of her imprisonment.

As soon as John hears of Elizabeth's plight, he rides straight for her keep. However, he's attacked by bandits, brought to the castle and nursed by Elizabeth's beautiful maid, "Anne." Suddenly John finds himself far more attracted to Anne than to his betrothed, who is enjoying the attention of her captor.

A bit of Shakespearean-style mayhem caused by switched identities, a few mishaps and a delightful ending, complete with an appearance from King Henry, bring happiness to all. (Avon, Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin