Image of Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc.)


Image of Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc.)

The Black Knights are back, and this time the spotlight is on the team’s racy ragin’ Cajun, Rock Babineaux. The action starts immediately, thrusting readers into a rain forest so realistic, you’ll feel the sweat beading on your forehead. Like the rest of the series, the high-octane suspense continues throughout, as do the sizzling moments shared between Rock and Vanessa. Walker does an excellent job of juggling multiple POVs, including showing readers the inner thoughts and motivations of the villain. It’s definitely a book that’s not to be skipped!

When one of their own is framed for murder, Black Knight operative Vanessa Cordero refuses to believe it. Rock Babineaux may be deadly, but he’d never go rogue. Determined to clear him — and bring him home alive — Vanessa sets out to find Rock. With the CIA on their trail and bullets raining down on them harder than a tropical storm, Vanessa doesn’t know which will be more difficult: proving Rock’s innocence or keeping her feelings for him at bay. (SOURCEBOOKS, Apr., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman