Mika Noguchi has spent her life passing back and forth between the veil that keeps the demon world of Orcus separated from the human one. Half-human and half-demon, Mika has bonded with both sides of her family and, unlike other demons, she doesn't need to be summoned in order to cross the veil.

Now the Orcus Council has a special task for Mika: She is to find the half-human/half-demon Connor McCabe and steal the ancient summoning spell he has managed to find.

McCabe is a demon hunter who works the mean streets of Crimson City. When Mika wants to hire him to protect her, he is suspicious. But when a deadly Bak-Faru demon tries to kill her, he signs on.

Mika is trapped by her promises and a fact that she hasn't divulged to McCabe: They are destined vishtau (soul) mates. Things start to get really ugly when Mika and McCabe realize there are two different groups of assassins trying to kill one or the other of them.

Talk about knowing your friends from your enemies! In this world, making a mistake can kill you. This adventurous thriller is searing hot and filled with passion, treachery and danger. It's paranormal adventure at its ultimate! O'Shea has definitely found her calling. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith