In the second book in Coyle's Coffeehouse series, Clare Cosi's daughter, Joy, says she's joining an online dating service and attending a dating night at the Greenwich Village coffeehouse her mother runs, The Daily Grind. Clare also enrolls, just to screen her daughter's dates, but she ends up falling in love with a wonderful man, Bruce Bowman.

Except for mild flirtations with Mike Quinn, a married detective who frequents the coffeehouse, Clare has not had a serious relationship since her divorce. Bruce is handsome, sensitive and intelligent, but he seems to be a suspect in the suspicious deaths of three women who used to be Clare's regular customers. To prove that Quinn is wrong to suspect him, Clare, with the reluctant help of her ex-husband, mounts her own investigation.

Clare is an intelligent, charming protagonist. But one of the more enjoyable facets of this novel is its sense of place. The author presents a picture of New York, the Village, Soho and even the seedier areas of the city with perfect clarity. Definitely a cozy, this book is well written and has a cast of quirky, interesting characters. Also included are recipes and coffee-making tips. (Oct., 288 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly