Christine W. Murphy has written a complex and layered story of murder, treachery and love. THROUGH IOWA GLASS is an enticing and suspenseful new read.

When he was 12, Alex Jackson insisted his stepfather, Miles Bettencourt, murdered his mother Aletta. When no one believed him, he ran away and refused to return to Close, Iowa. When Miles dies, Alex returns for the reading of the will. His stepsister Lorraine is determined to keep him in town and stop him from selling off Iowa Glass, the family company. Alex meets young widow Skye Devries, and he hires the out-of-work teacher as his personal assistant.

Two thugs attempt to beat him up and steal his computer, and then threatening faxes arrive. Someone badly wants Alex out of town. If Miles murdered Aletta, why does anyone care about Alexs investigation?

(, $5.00 disk, $3.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith