Image of Through the Smoke


Image of Through the Smoke

Novak sets out to create an unforgettable romance in Through the Smoke and succeeds with flying colors. Readers will find her story oozing with passion, captivating and next to impossible to put down. There are several twists and turns throughout the plot, but once the smoke clears, they are easy to understand. Many questions muddy some of the communication between characters, but that can be overlooked thanks to a phenomenal ending.

Rachel McTavish’s mother is dying, and she will do just about anything to save her — including strike a deal with a killer. Truman Stanhope, Earl of Druridge, wished for an heir to his throne, and the shocking news that his wife, Lady Katherine, was pregnant by another man infuriated him. He doesn’t have any memory of the night Katherine died, and it’s hard to believe he took her life. Or is it? Rachel knows something about the fire that killed Katherine and demands Truman employ a doctor to help her ailing mother. But she fears the mystery of his persona. Is he truly a killer, or the man her heart has awaited for far too long? (MONTLAKE, Oct., 374 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi