Descendent of African queens, educated along with her half-sister, the masters daughter, Sable Fontaine is still a slave and can be sold to the ruthless Morse. But with the end of the war, Sable flees the Fontaine plantation and heads for safety.

Guided by Harriet Tubman, Sable is taken to a contraband camp overseen by Union officer and freeman Raimond Leveg.

From the moment Raimond Leveg meets Sable, he begins falling in love. Her sharp tongue and independent spirit cant dampen his interest and he begins wooing her in earnest. But when Morse comes searching the camp for Sable, she runs away, leaving Raimond to wonder if she is a Confederate spy.

Fate brings Sable to New Orleans and into Raimonds mothers home. Juliana adores Sable and when her son needs a wife she arranges their marriage. The desire that simmered between them in the camp explodes into a true passion once they are wed. Sable continues her work, locating and caring for lost children, but the day arrives when the past rises up to snatch Sables happiness away.

Overflowing with fascinating historical details; illuminating American history and bringing dark facts into the light, Beverly Jenkins has composed another breathtaking, stirring and memorable romance. She not only brings her characters to life, but history as well; the mark of a true storyteller. SENSUAL (August., 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin