Image of Thumped (Bumped)


Image of Thumped (Bumped)

Just as fun and close-to-home chilling as its prequel, Bumped. Melody is the same likable teenager — grounded in a world gone baby crazy, frustrated by the incompetence of the adults around her and just a little bit dramatic. Harmony questions her faith in a way that is relatable and meaningful, if a bit repetitive. McCafferty’s playful take on a teenage pregnancy culture is as hilariously clever as it is terrifyingly realistic — this page-turner is a worthwhile whirlwind read.

Thumped picks up almost nine months after Bumped left off, again alternating between the perspectives of identical twins Harmony and Melody. Harmony is about to give birth to identical twin girls, whom she hopes to raise under the protection of her strict religious sect. But her marriage is a sham, and she can’t stop thinking about the twins’ real father: “Reproductive Professional” Jondoe. Melody, too, is faking her relationship with Jondoe while her heart lies with her best friend, Zen. And those aren’t the only lies these two are telling. (BALZER + BRAY, May, 304 pp., HC, $17.99, ISBN: 9780061962769, 13 & Up)
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Ellen Parsons