Mala Bey is having trouble keeping her car on the road in a fierce Florida storm. Then she witnesses a man lose control of his motorcycle and disappear into the Everglades. Mala decides to pull over, oddly determined to rescue the stranger. To her surprise, she finds that she is able to hear his voice in her mind.

As for Laird, he is lost in a strange world, visited only by a being called Night Hunter. As he becomes resigned to the strange things that are happening to him, Mala works harder to rescue him. Will she be able to bring him back to reality—or become lost herself?

With an interesting time-travel slant, THUNDER is a pleasantly puzzling story. The characters are skillfully formed, and it is fast moving and well written. However, I didn't care for the lack of control the hero was allowed over his own future or the power he has over the heroine. The ending was also less than satisfactory. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley