It's been a long time since Katy Templeton considered Thunder Creek, WY, home. After the tragic death of her brother Matt, Katy moved to New York and made a new life for herself. Now divorced and considering selling her chain of restaurants, Katy learns of her grandmother's bout with pneumonia and plans a lengthy visit.

Jackson Brent, Matt's best friend, is also back in town; he's the person Katy holds responsible for her brother's death. But it's Jackson that Katy turns to after discovering something unsettling. While going through Matt's old things, she finds a drawing of a dead woman. Who is she and why did Matt draw a picture of her?

As Jackson and Katy dig into the past, a horrifying idea occurs to them: What if Matt's accident was no accident? Katy vows to discover what really happened, and Jackson fears that someone will do anything to make sure they don't.

Fan favorite Gregory explores a variety of relationships—family, friendship and romance—while wrapping them in a layer of suspense. Her romantic suspense novel, set against the beautiful Wyoming backdrop, hints at a possible future switch to Women's Fiction. (Aug., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith