Prosecutor Faith Barclay is good at her job, but two recent cases have her questioning her skills. The first is learning that an innocent man was executed, and the second is not keeping a wife-abusing potential killer behind bars.

Desperately needing a break, Faith leaves Philadelphia for a four-week vacation back at her family's cabin in Thunder Creek, Wyoming. Before she even arrives, Faith nearly has a collision with her teenage romantic nemesis, Zach McCallum. Faith has never forgiven Zach for abruptly dumping her years ago, so finding out that they are both now single doesn't thrill her.

Zach has never forgotten Faith, and since second chances are rare, he isn't going to squander this one. Zach's courtship will have to wait though, as danger from Faith's past and Zach's current business issues are both threatening to boil over. The brutal murder and dumping of a woman's body at Faith's cabin seems to be sending her a message. Is she next on the list?

In this latest book of the Thunder Creek series, past mistakes and secrets lead to creeping death and destruction. Thunder at Dawn has a gritty edge that keeps the suspense taut and the romance hot. (Aug., 307 pp., 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith