Former Navy SEAL-turned-civilian trainer Kyle Parker is nonplussed to discover that the new trainee in his anti-terrorist program is none other than his teenage love, Jennifer Whitmore. Both Kyle and Jennifer have come a long way since their painful breakup many years ago. Jennifer is now part of the Miami-Dade County Search and Rescue program. With the help of her exceptional bloodhound Sadie, Jennifer has logged a lot of rescue miles.

Jennifer is disturbed to discover that despite her engagement to DEA agent Chad Roberts, she is still very attracted to Kyle. Through accident or design, they both end up renting rooms from the unique Thunder Island Guest House. The proprietor, Thelma Mae, has very definite rules about what goes on within her walls. Without a doubt, the residents of Thunder House are a varied and eccentric bunch. When Chad suddenly returns from a covert mission and starts playing around with another Thunder Island tenant, Jennifer finds that she is more relieved than angered by his defection.

Unfortunately, when Chad is murdered, Jennifer becomes the prime suspect. There is something very fishy about both Chad and the manner of his death. Unless Kyle moves quickly, Jennifer might find herself railroaded into jail.

The unique style, characterization and fascinating technical details help make each of Ms. Sawyers books a remarkable and thrilling read. (Jan. 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith