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Duncan Grover comes to the Arapaho reservation on a vision quest and meets his death, an apparent suicide. Father John OMalley, priest on the Res, learns in confessional that theres been a murder and there will be more. He questions the confessor, who offers no explanations. Father John is unable to break the confessional vows but does some searching. He learns about Grovers death and realizes that someone on a vision quest would be most unlikely to commit suicide.

Attorney Vicky Holden has left the Res to practice in Denver. A local bigwig makes an appointment to see her on the sly. Vicky goes to the appointed place and watches in horror as the man is run over on the street. Vicky is the only one whos sure its murder, and turns to Father John for help. When another killing occurs, it appears the Reservation death is linked to the Denver murder.

Although not as compelling as other titles in this popular series, THE THUNDER KEEPER is still a solid piece of storytelling. As always, the relationship between Father John and Vicky is bound to pique your curiosity. (Sep., 288 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg