Image of Thunderbird Chosen


Image of Thunderbird Chosen

Strong delivers once again in these unique stories about hot, sexy and sensitive Native American heroes with mystical powers. The pages come alive in these superheated tales that include M/M, menage and sex in shifted form.

After Ukiah saves Marissa and restores her broken body, he shows her passion. But after she leaves, can he rescue her again so they can join souls in "Spirit Flight?" Jessica and her fiance Clay are deeply in love, but she senses he desires another man in their relationship. When they meet Sheriff Tekoa, she knows he's the one. But the men must become "Spirits Shared" before they can save Jess from unexpected peril.

Trey won‘t admit he‘s gay until he‘s met head-on by Deputy Tenino, who won't let him deny it. He's more than willing to become Trey's life partner, but afraid to reveal his own Thunderbird spirit. Will the "Two Spirits" learn to fly together? (ELLORA'S CAVE, Jun. '08, 262 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown