Four women from very different places in life meet during a writing course and click as friends. After the class has ended, the four agree to meet regularly for breakfast once a week to support one another and offer advice.

Liz Kenyon is the oldest; six years ago, she lost her husband and now her children have moved away. Claire Craig lost a husband also. Hers ran off with a twenty-something daughter of a friend, leaving Claire and her two sons to pick up the pieces. Julia Murchison is a happily married mother of two. Then at forty, she discovers she is pregnant. The youngest, Karen Curtis, wants to be an actress. It is all she dreams of despite the grief and heartache this brings to her parents. Her new friends watch as she is forced to grow up.

Ms. Macomber shines in this touching tale of four women who are able to share their strengths to overcome many trials and tribulations. Told partly in journal format, readers truly delve into these four lives. (Jun., 304 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson