In TIAS STORY (3), Tias successful gift shop is the result of a childhood dream; she has a knack for knowing what will sell. Unfortunately, that discernment doesnt seem to be as accurate when choosing a partner. Brandon Ainsley has a talent for marketing his sisters artistry and himself. Somehow, Brandon becomes Tias partner and they open another store. While things start out smoothly, with Brandon trying to woo Tia, his facade eventually begins to crumble. In order to handle the way her life is falling apart, Tia becomes a benevolent benefactor as she flits from one cause to another, riding in on a white horse and saving the day. I didnt like Tia, her story or her choices. She was too foolish, too good and too unbelievable. I did, however, like author Judy Baers voice and writing style. (Nov., 275 pp., $9.99

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston