Image of Tiassa (Vlad)


Image of Tiassa (Vlad)

The tiassa is an agent of change, and there is change aplenty in this episodic novel in Brust’s Vlad series, told from multiple points of view. This is an engaging and fast-paced read and one that contains enough substance for longtime fans; however, new readers will likely be incredibly confused.

Vlad Taltos used to kill people for House Jhereg and run a number of rackets for them — that is, until he crossed them and became their target. Covering 10 years of Vlad’s life from the time he was in favor with House Jhereg until he wasn’t, this is the story of an artifact fashioned by one of the gods: a silver tiassa. The tiassa means different things to all who encounter it: to Vlad, it’s a useful prop for a con, to Devera the Wanderer it’s a shiny toy, to the Empire it’s a secret weapon to be used against the Jenoine, and to the Jhereg, it’s a reason to put Vlad in harm’s way. The silver tiassa, however, has another goal in mind. (TOR, Apr., 304 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs